Why are movies so important?

In fact, if you’re like most Australians, you spend more time in cinema than you did 10 years ago.

For most people, movies are viewed as simple and somewhat trivial forms of entertainment. But is that so? Dismissive to movies is very easy. Anyone can change their life through a better film. Can one honestly say that a movie has never influenced or affected anyone?

Think about what your life would be like without the movies. It is true that they have had an impact on us for many years. But, films don’t play a significant role in life. But the best films deliver the necessary, meaningful messages for life.


All of us have the ability to empathize. There are many types of circumstances that help us to influence that feeling. We get them through community, life experience and even movies. From an early age, we are shown movies that convey the feelings and experiences of others.

Every Disney cartoon teaches a child empathy through many things, such as loss and grief. Movies help us to understand the struggles of different people in different circumstances. Some people can ignore this feeling that it has not happened. But in some way, the chances are you’ve had such as experience in your movie watching path.

Why are movies so important?

Something new

You see something you have never seen before, you talk about it too. Speaking of that, movies are one of the greatest forms of creative expression. This may sound like a great outlet for the artist, but it offers little to the viewer. One’s imagination is very powerful. It is more powerful than that to see one’s imagination at work. Don’t underestimate them.

In 1896, when a train was shown to the public in a short film The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station, a train was seen barreling towards the screen, and the audience ran for safety. Since then, the movies have shown us things we thought were impossible. A Space Odyssey in 2001 is a clear and vivid portrayal of space travel, it took notes NASA. Star Wars and Jaws inspired the generations of filmmakers that followed. When artists put their vision to work and do it better, it stimulates their own cretivity and imagination.

Final words

Movies promote ideas and social commentary within communities. They have the power to articulate and shape the principles of a culture. Art, especially film, is important because it gives us the ability to make lasting human connections through by sharing our experiences with each other.


Cyberflix Incorporated was a computer game company founder in 1993 by Bill Appleton.