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Hosted at Goya Studios in Hollywood March 30 – April 1, this extraordinary visual art piece will take fans on a surreal journey through David’s altered states of reality, forcing them to question what is real and what is not. NASA missions with computer-generated imagery to present an impressionistic journey to the moon and back. Marco Brambilla is a New York-based installation artist known for his elaborate re-contextualization of popular and found imagery. LOS ANGELES, CA (March 26, 2018) – FX Networks today announced the arrival of The LEGION Chamber, an artistic video installation inspired by the FX drama series Legion which allows fans to step inside a 360-degree micro-theatre featuring a one-of-a-kind presentation by the internationally-acclaimed Marco Brambilla Studio. Legion, the acclaimed drama series from creator and executive producer Noah Hawley, will return to FX on Tuesday, April 3, at 10 PM ET/PT.

Usually, the purpose of the Loan is also shown, and the Report Type will explain whether the credit report is for an individual or a joint partnership. Once inside, participants will find themselves disconnected from the outside world – literally – and fully entrenched in the hypnotic digital realm of Legion’s David Haller. As admirers of his works, we believed his innovative style could present a new perspective on David Haller’s world. “We aimed to create an experience that would take the viewer through multiple levels of Haller’s altered states of schizophrenic consciousness,” artist Marco Brambilla said Saturn v rocket. On working with Brambilla, Kenya Hardaway, SVP of Integrated Promotions at FX, said, “We are excited to have Marco Brambilla’s amazing artistic piece, FRACTURE, to share with fans of Legion.

The asteroids are all that is left of an abundant ancient population of rocky planetesimals (the building blocks of planets) that bumped into one another and merged to create ever larger and larger bodies. “A flood of moments, thoughts, and memories are reflected into fragmented mirrored surfaces, these kaleidoscopic reflections surround us, and we have the sense of assuming the characters’ psychological POV. If you’re looking at just pure air pressure, or the pressure exerted by the air in the form of the winds, I doubt whether even a massive hurricane (or typhoon/cyclone) could have caused even minor destruction to the walls of Jericho, not that that region of the world is normally subjected to such extreme weather events. Those twin cities were destroyed in rain or fire and brimstone (no earthquake or trumpets here), but there’s been no active volcanic activity in that region of the Dead Sea for multi-thousands and thousands of years.