Top things to keep in mind while choosing a home theatre riser plan!

There is no better experience then watching your favorite movie with your family, and if it is in your own home theatre, then it is just cherry on the cake.

Home theatres are getting immensely popular all over the world as people prefer having a home theatre in their house to spend some time with the family.

It is irrefutable that home theaters offer great benefits, but it is a challenging task to build a perfect home theatre. You can need to formulate numerous plans such as design plans, home theater riser plans, etc.

The Home theater riser is an integral aspect, and you must keep the following things in mind while planning it.

Height of the screen from the floor

  • Before deciding a home theater riser plan, you must check how high the screen if from the floor.
  • It is necessary to check so that you can choose a suitable riser plan, which will make the screen visible from all seats.
  • For normal one to two rows home theatre, the screen height is around 24 to 36 inches, but it may be more if there are more than two rows of seats.

How high is the head of a person while sitting?

  • Another crucialthing to focus on is the height of the viewer’s head when he is sitting on the riser.
  • It is important to check so that the screen is easily visible from all the seats and angles.
  • It will help you to pick the right height of riser so that the front row won’t block the eight of the other rows.

Type of recliners

  • There are mainly three types of recliner used in home theatres; fully recline, semi recline and upright recliners.
  • So, you must choose the home theater riser plan according to the type of recline you want in your home theater.
  • For instance, if you want full recline recliners, then you need to leave enough space between the rows while building risers so that the seats can be reclined easily.