The most interesting things about Algerian novelist

Many professional writers and filmmakers around the world have a very good recognition and happy fan base. If you fall in love with the exciting novels and interesting films, then you can focus on projects of the successful writers and filmmakers. Assia Djebar was a well-experienced and smart Algerian-born writer and filmmaker. Her widely admired work explored the women’s troubles especially in the male-centric Arab world. She was died when she was 78. She was a woman of conviction and her several and fertile identities fed her work especially between Arab and French, and Algeria and France.

Different projects

Assia Djebar was born in Cherchell, Algeria on August 4, 1936. La Soif was the first novel published by her in 1957. Les Impatients was her second novel published in 1958. She married Walid Garn in the same year and studied advanced degree in history at the famous University of Algiers. She published her novels Les Alouettes and Les Enfants du Nouveau Monde in 1967. She had written the popular play Rouge I’Aube written along with her husband Garn. This renowned play was performed at the third Pan-African Cultural Festival in 1969 in Algiers. In 1969, she published a volume of poetry namely Poems pour I’Algerie heureuse.

Djebar was recognized for her outstanding cinematic work. She directed her first film in 1977 namely La Nouba des femmes du Mont Chenoua. After a couple of years, she directed the next film namely La Zerda ou les chants de I’oubli. This famous documentary puts adjacent to French newsreels of the World War I and World War II. The main attraction in this film was Algerian women singing all traditional songs. You may wish to know about this famous person and keep up-to-date with popular artists in this sector. You can fulfil such wish when you explore this reliable platform.