Steps to be followed by you for resetting the Xbox

Steps to be followed by you for resetting the Xbox

If you have just purchased you’re a new Xbox, then you might be no idea about this fact. Actual, the Xbox is to be fully reset for erasing everything to restore its performance that was at the beginning. This is because of the occurrence of a huge number of caches in them. It affects the performance of the Xbox.

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Though it is very simple to reset your Xbox if you have no idea about it, then you are suggested to go through the below mentioned points as they will give you an idea of quick and east Xbox reset, which will be a great thing for you.

Reset and remove everything

If you want to have a factory reset of your Xbox, then you are supposed to remove everything from your system.

It will include all the data related to your basic information, accessories, information, and other details. You must be clear that all your applications will be deleted, and if you want to sell it, then it would be a great option for you.

Reset and keep the games

This is the other option that can be considered by you if you are willing to rest your Xbox due to any technical issues but want to prevent all your games and applications from getting deleted.

By choosing this step, you will able to delete the OS and all the corrupted files that have caused errors in your Xbox.

In many of the cases, the issue is with the data of the game, so it is necessary to rest the data, but you are suggested to start it with choosing this option, and if you are not getting the right results, then you have to format the entire system.