Oh my God! What to do now? My Rayban sunglass screws lost

Many would have faced this type of problems in their life and few would have replaced the screws into new one and they would have started to make use of it. While the others would really get worried thinking about what to do, and how can you fit the missed screws again. If this was your worries then here is a guide that you have to follow.

Step 1: Examine the glasses and check the replacement kit holds any extra rayban screws inside it. Because the replacement kit box would comes out with the replacement screws.

Step 2:  If not then you have to know what size of screws have to be used for tightening out your Rayban sunglass.

Step 3: After buying the screws you can fit in the arms of the sunglass. Open and close and check whether it suits perfect and comfortable.

Step 4: You could find out a user guide inside the replacement box take it and make use of it while you are fitting them all together.

Your entire process gets over here. After fitting you can wear them and rock while you are going out. This gifts you a lot of happiness and you would be fully filled up with excitements.

Where to shop your Rayban screws?

If this was your doubt then there you don’t want to worry thinking about anything. It is because online makes your work simple. When you know its size you can directly place the order and buy it and make use of it. You can get an impressive discount offer for the rayban screws that you buy in online.

To make your work change simple: When your rayban sunglasses got repaired, then immediately there is a need for you to search for the best screws inside the rayban replacement store room and do repair and reuse it and enjoy.